Thadin Meerstone

The owner of the Antler and Thistle Inn


Thadin Meerstone is the human proprietor of the [[Antler and Thistle]] Inn in the town of [[Brindol]]. He is 53 years old. He has a worldy demeanor that leads you to believe that he has traveled far and wide, learning all the things of the world. As it happens, the farthest Thadin’s body has traveled is the next village over, where he met his wife of 24 years. All of his knowledge and worldly insights comes from his love of books. An entire room of the Antler and Thistle is devoted to a library. Thadin has read every book inside that library and buys new books from traveling merchants every week.

Thadin’s wife, Mirtalla, was killed in the attacks of the Red Hand 10 years ago, leaving him to raise his then teenage daughter, [[Gwen Meerstone]] alone.

Thadin Meerstone

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