The Meeting

Eoffram Troyas greets our heroes, but is a little distrusting to start things off. He interviews them, then quickly discovers that they seem to be fine, upstanding examples of the kind of hero he wants to find in his town.

He describes the new plight of the town and challenges our heroes to find:
The Missing Villagers
The Missing Treasures

He tells them that one injured hobgoblin was captured during the raid. That hobgoblin’s name is Morrick. After offering the heroes 200GP for the return of the captives and an additional 200gp if the treasure is also returned (he stresses that there is no money without the townspeople first), Eoffram sends them to see what they can learn from Morrick.

Morrick is uncooperative, but eventually relents and gives our heroes a map to Castle RivenRoar. He says that Sinruth is using it as a base of operations for his new Red Hand of Doom.



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