Sinruth's Demise

Our heroes have spent their first night within the halls of Castle RivenRoar, in the same room with Sinruth’s corpse.

A note from The Emissary is found on Sinruth’s body. This is a clue that the troubles of Brindol may not be over with Sinruth’s death.

Adronsius & Mirtala have now been rescued and sent back to Brindol. Thurann has been found, chained to a fountain near an infestation of undead. The undead are defeated and a cache of healing potions are discovered.

Our Heroes are tired from the morning’s battles, but it is only mid-day. Do they dare rest when Zerricksa, the fragile old witch still waits for their rescue? Goblins are terrible foes, but what undead creatures remain to be smited beneath the ancient stones of Castle RivenRoar?



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