Reality sets in

Our story opens as our heroes are wiping the slime off of their weapons, having just defeated the ochre jelly that crawled out of the portal.

The continued sounds of yelling and crying lead our heroes into a open crypt room, with two gnomes waiting to pounce. The direction of their pounce is a little strange, as they bolt through another door. The gnomes’ plan becomes clear to our heroes as two flaming scorpions materialize from the trigger of the doorway. The gnomes re-enter the fight after the the scorpions engaged the heroes and begin pelting them from the shadows.

But, neither the magma claws nor the gnomes are a match for our heroes… yet. Before leaving the room, Zanne finds a new set of armor and some gold in the remains of the crypt. Venturing deeper into the gloom, we find Sertanian in a jail cell, quickly wiping the tears from his face and putting on a stiff upper lip. Dorn rattles the bars a little while Zanne and Aramil deftly pick the lock. Sertanian tells them he has only recently been moved to these cells and he knows where Mirtalla is being held.

Together, they ascend the stairs back to the scene of the magma claw battle and continue through another door and up to a spiderweb encrusted landing. It is on this landing that our heroes encouter resistance that tests their resolve. Rogues slipped through the fey and across the room, pacts are sustained with shadowy evils, the spidery enemies were taunted again and again by the combined physical might of The Vulverine and Dorn. In the end, it was the magic of Haderai that almost claimed the last enemy. That honor was reserved for Sertanian however, who’s guts finally materialized in the end. In fact, he truly believed Haderai was going to slay the spidery beasts, but the blast caused the beast to stumble. Sertanian’s poached shortsword from the gnomes was driven into the creature’s brain, ending the battle and saving Dorn’s life, The Vulverine’s life, and Aramil’s life.

Kartenix’s body was discovered in this room. He was the last meal of the ettercaps.

The Vulverine found a new weapon amongst the treasure in this room.


Its a good thing Sertanian pulled himself together, otherwise he was going to get a rectal exam with that poached short sword.

Reality sets in

@aquilascout – HAHAHA

Looking forward to having our Ranger back in action so we do not rely on cowardly town captains.

Reality sets in

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