Brindol Attacked!

Our heroes are separately enjoying drinks in the Antler and Thistle with all hell breaks loose in the town of Brindol. Hobgoblins come crashing through the doors and windows of the inn. The other random patrons are scattered and, while one unfortunately dies, our heroes succeed in protecting the Inn from destruction at the hands of the invading horde.

But before the city can sleep, our heroes are forced to deal with a real threat. A flame-flinging ogre and his hobgoblin masters! Risking life and limb, our heroes are “bonded by fire” as they battle this creature from the rooftops and from within arms-reach.

The innkeeper, Thadin Meerstone and his daughter (and waitress) Gwen Meerstone are very appreciative of the heroes work in saving their inn from burning down. They give our heroes free room and board for the night, before they are summoned to the city council chambers to meet with the Head of the City Council, Eoffram Troyas.



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